Why Parkeray

You design, build or develop – that’s your talent, your profession. What sets you apart is your personal style, your approach and your delivery.

We’re the same as you. We know our craft and are proud that the way we go about it makes a difference.

Old fashioned words like ‘respect’ and ‘honour’ remain in our vocabulary. We communicate openly, confront difficulties rather than hide them and are resolute that our word is our bond.


It’s for these reasons as well as our work that our clients choose us.


Our Social Justice Policy underpins everything we do. It requires all of us to act ethically and comply with legal requirements at all times. To view our Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement click here



Health & Safety

Our approach to Health & Safety is without compromise. We treat this issue with the utmost importance and gravity. We constantly evaluate procedures, educate and inform through monitored and rigorous training and actively engage all staff and members of our supply chain.

It’s an approach that works. Our accident stats are constantly well below the industry average.

Never complacent, our “Safety – Live with it. We think you’re worth it!” campaign is at the heart of our health & safety ethos and has successfully communicated our approach on site since 2011.

We are a proud member of the following schemes and associations:



Every responsible organisation has a duty to play its part in protecting the environment.

We believe we are taking the lead in sustainable construction. Our BREEAM and LEED successes have been achieved by adopting a balanced approach, optimising both the assessment rating and commercial necessities.

To help maintain our green credentials, we target the following areas:

  • Sustainably sourced timber
  • 80% waste diverted from landfill – we regularly achieve 90%.
  • Low/zero VOCs and Formaldehyde
  • Considerate Constructors score targeted at a minimum of 32 and above
  • High percentage of recycled contents
  • Localised sourcing
  • Working with suppliers that show a commitment to environmental and sustainability issues
  • Election and specifying of energy efficient equipment and plant



Our reputation and ultimately the future success of our company as a whole, directly hinges on the quality of the service and product that we offer. We want to shine and we want you to remember us for it.

Our considered approach and culture is at the heart of everything we do and is maintained through all stages of a project. This is how we consistently manage to delight our clients with unrivalled standards of service combined with the delivery of zero defect status projects.

We operate a controlled and managed approach to quality, externally audited to the standards of ISO: 9001-2008. This is based on consultation, understanding, benchmarking, sequential construction and monitoring. All of these undertaken in an environment which allows people to perform at the highest levels.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Parkeray does not exist in isolation. Pretty much everything we do has a social and environmental impact in some form or another. We care about this and hold ourselves accountable and responsible for our actions.

Our CSR programme sets out to control, manage and minimise our impact. Part and parcel of this is to encourage all members of the Parkeray team and our wider family of subcontractors and suppliers to get involved. That means doing more than the easy bit – helping those less fortunate through charitable donations and support. It involves donating precious personal time and energy as well. Whether its helping to rejuvenate tired space at a local school or further afield – in places such as Tanzania and Uganda, our hands-on approach is appreciated just as much as the financial support we also provide.

Wherever possible if we can help - we will.

Charities supported by us:

Charity of the year
We have partnered with London Air Ambulance for 2015, to help them deliver their life-saving service to people who work and live in London. To find out how our team has helped LAA click here.

“We are extremely grateful to Parkeray for choosing London’s Air Ambulance as its charity partner. This support plays a vital role in enabling us to deliver advanced trauma care to those who need it, and ultimately, to help us save the lives of people who work and live in London.” Mark Davies Director of Development LAA


We look at training as an investment in our own future and a force for good in society in general.

Our aim is to provide an environment where individuals are encouraged to achieve personal advancement goals through tailored development and on the job experience, with the aim of inspiring people to reach their full potential.

Our trainee support programme, now in its 10th year, has set a strong tradition in providing school and college leavers with vital life skills. It has achieved the balance between academic learning and practical day to day experience to great effect.

We want to be a company that is ready for the years ahead.  We can only do so by looking beyond the here and now and forward to the needs of tomorrow.

Financial Stability

Cash is King.

Long gone are the days of barter, when we could trade our goods or services with one another, and besides which it can’t always have been convenient either. A common denominator was needed, and money was born!

Cash flow has always been vital to any business, of any size, across all industries, and it always will be, in good times or bad. We like to think that at Parkeray, we manage our cash responsibly. We use our funds to manage the business, and maintain continuity. Life doesn’t always run smoothly, and we understand that sometimes, funds will be late coming in, and conversely, our supply chain and our staff may need help from time to time too.

So we use our cash to help smooth out the peaks and troughs. We can only do that by managing our business effectively. That includes maintaining a decent level of retained profits. Having retained over two-thirds of our post-tax profits since we started trading, we feel that we can demonstrate not only financial stability, but security too. By sticking to our principles, and managing our resources carefully and responsibly, we feel we are giving ourselves a good chance of being here for a long time to come, and in the process, becoming a byword for reliability and stability.