Graham Ward

Project Director

In the 19 years Graham has spent at Parkeray he has had the pleasure of working with many repeat clients and his ability to create great working teams on every project shows strength and professionalism gained through that experience. He is also a CMYA silver medallist.

Married to Valerie, he is a big family man and very proud of his grown-up family and their own achievements and enjoys spending fun time with his two grandchildren.

Graham’s many hobbies include golf, swimming, gardening and learning foreign languages, his personal favourite though; is travelling the world and fulfilling his bucket list!

Fulfilling one’s ‘bucket list’ opens up the life you have, it’s up to you to fill it!

Covid-19 Statement of Risk Assessments
We have carried out detailed, dynamic individual risk assessments across all of our sites and for our own office relating specifically to Covid-19. These can be found within the construction phase plans on each site or within our 24 King William Street HQ. For further info please contact Terry Tracey our Senior Health & Safety Manager.

Parkeray’s COVID-19 Update

Please click here for an update on our current status and approach to COVID-19.