Iain Dodson

Commercial Manager

Iain is a dedicated, methodical, fun and friendly Commercial Manager who has worked on prestigious projects such as Stella McCartney, Amnesty International UK Ltd and the fast track fit out of a new Paddington based headquarters for a Norwegian Oil Company.

Iain, known as ‘Doddy’ is one of our company entertainers. You may have witnessed his rendition of “Burlington Bertie” while donning a bowler hat. If not, you should.

Doddy is a ‘faddist’, a Jack of all trades with all the gear as well as the idea. In fact, he has done everything from scuba to skydiving, golf to cricket and white water rafting to fancy dress. He is a keen footballer and played for the 3rd division in Zimbabwe. Make sure you ask him about his 10 bodyguards!

I’m not as green as I’m cabbage looking

Covid-19 Statement of Risk Assessments
We have carried out detailed, dynamic individual risk assessments across all of our sites and for our own office relating specifically to Covid-19. These can be found within the construction phase plans on each site or within our 24 King William Street HQ. For further info please contact Terry Tracey our Senior Health & Safety Manager.

Parkeray’s COVID-19 Update

Please click here for an update on our current status and approach to COVID-19.