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Binge-Worthy Box Sets

Social distancing meets TV viewing pleasure, as our marketing manager and avid box set queen Lesley Brewster, shares the top five shows from her must-watch list. Needless to say, we know what she gets up to in her spare time!

Altered Carbon – Netflix Original

You can’t get much further away from 2020 than 300 years ahead in this action-packed sci-fi series, where human consciousness can be transferred into different bodies. Former soldier, Takeshi Kovac becomes an investigator and not only has to get to grips of being alive in a new body but attempt to solve a murder too. There are two seasons, so be prepared for many twists and turns.

Queen Sono – Netflix Original

Queen Sono is one of the first Netflix Original series to come out all the way from South Africa and its addictive. Think female James Bond without the gadgets and extra sass. Queen Sono undertakes a series of political missions while trying to uncover who is responsible for the death of her mother. 

The Split – BBC iPlayer

Expect double the drama in this family law practice. Divorce lawyer Hannah gets caught up in a love affair while juggling family life, relationships with her siblings and some interesting legal cases. If you missed season one you can dive straight into season two on BBC iPlayer now.

Wisting – BBC iPlayer

If subtitles won’t deter you from watching a good thriller, this Norwegian series is definitely one to watch. Detective William Wisting and his police force head a joint criminal investigation with the FBI to find a serial killer living within his hometown of Larvik. There are so many twists to this story, so stay glued to the subtitles to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Fargo – Netflix

Series don’t get much barmier than Fargo. This award-winning mini-series which is inspired by the Coen Brothers movie of the same name, tells the quirky crime stories of Minnesotans. What makes this show even crazier is the fact they’re based on real life. With three seasons to sink your teeth into and the fourth due to be released later this year (claps hands), you’ll easily kill a few hours and likely to binge-watch from the start.

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