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Juggling Work & Childcare

Sometimes it feels impossible for two parents to work from home while managing childcare and it’s exceptionally harder for single parents. It’s worth remembering you’re essentially performing two full-time jobs, so go easy on yourself!

Here are some tips to make this situation as easy as possible;

  • Communicate with your partner, family members and employers
  • Set realistic expectations about what you can accomplish daily
  • Be proactive with your work schedule, keep regular contact with your employers and co-workers and inform them of any potential issues or concerns
  • Figure out your optimal working hours and estimate how much work you think you can get done
  • Create a schedule, book in those all-important conference calls, and communicate ahead of time with your colleagues or partner, especially if you’re taking it turns to work or use facilities throughout the day

Now on to homeschooling…

Distance learning is a challenge for all age groups. There’s no need to stress about keeping up with the curriculum. Schools are providing more and more resources to help parents by streaming lessons and providing links to useful websites.

A teacher once said “Children are like the Ferraris of the learning world. You just need to keep them idling and not stalled.” That’s your job.

It’s recommended to create a structure by breaking the day into four sections such as Reading, Maths, English and other (such as arts & crafts, geography or general knowledge). The aim is to keep their brains ticking over, provide support while getting them ready to return to school, once the school doors open.

Just like adults, kids need goals and checklists. Once it’s complete you can reward them. This temporary way of life is going to take some getting used to, but let’s be honest, spare time is going to involve a lot more screen time!

Top tip from Parkeray staff:

“That’s easy, my top tip is……….. self-isolation obviously!!!! Help!”

Steve Gohery

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