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P for Positivity…The Liddell Way

We at Parkeray like to believe that we put the “P” in “Positivity” and one of our beloved Project Managers’ Matt Liddell, is the epitome of just that! 

Matt, otherwise known as “Mr Positive”, presents a can-do attitude and always has motivational words to offer both on and off-site. We just had to call him up and find out how he maintains a positive outlook, especially during these uncertain times. Matt’s response couldn’t have been more straightforward. What did he say you may ask? It’s reading.

Matt enjoys reading books from influential people who have experienced turbulent times in their lives and have used negative experiences to fuel their drive to find a positive approach. Told you it was straight cut! Reading has enabled Matt to change his way of thinking in both his personal and work life. 

“Having a positive mindset means looking at everything in a positive light”, said Matt. He goes on to explain that he never thinks he is going to fail at something, but if a failure does present itself, he can deal with it. He believes life’s journey is about making the best version of yourself and not trying to be someone different. “It’s about being you.”

To enable us to understand Matt’s thought process even better, he has broken down a few quotes taken from Ant Middleton’s book Fear Bubble, which he uses to focus his mind and limit negativity. Get ready to be inspired!

“No matter how it comes to you, even if it’s in a negative package – take that lesson as a positive.”

“This is a challenging mindset to adopt, but we all make mistakes. None of us can be perfect all of the time”, said Matt. “When negative things happen, we can change the experience into a positive one by choosing to learn from them. We also learn how to react when faced with hardship.” 

“There’s always a route around your weakness- find the route around.”

“I agree with the lesson in this quote”, said Matt. “When you hit a difficult patch or hear the words no, fail or end, they mean the next opportunity. The first attempt in learning and effort never dies. These are great mantras to remember when dealing with challenges and negativity”, said the upbeat project manager, “as they say, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.”

“Leaders understand that their demons are an essential part of who they are.”

“We certainly all have demons. I think it’s part of human nature, but many of us either allow ourselves to be beaten by them or develop a front, which enables us to paper over the cracks”, said Matt. “Take the time to identify and understand your demons and turn them to your advantage. It ultimately produces a more definite outcome.”

“If it feels like temptation, it’s a wrong decision.”

Temptation is all around us, the lesson here is about carefully considering your options and seeing the bigger picture. “Making a decision or diving quickly into something just because it feels good in the immediate term, is not usually a good thing,” said Matt. “Instead, we should take time to think and weigh up the impact.”

A big thank you to Matt for sharing these gems with us. Do you feel inspired yet? We sure do! Stay tuned for next month’s edition of P for Positivity, where another member of our Parkeray family shares their tips on how to stay positive.

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